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PSM is a Platinum level Sponsor of the 7F GT Users Group Conference this May 16-19, in San Antonio.  Featuring PSM’s Dr. Peter Stuttaford and 7F Global Product Line Manager RuthAnn Rawlings speaking on 7F Product Offerings for Enhanced Operational Flexibility on  Tuesday at 4:45 pm, they will discuss how power generation market dynamics, like reduced natural gas prices, an uncertain regulatory environment, and “must-take” renewable generation source installations, make operational flexibility a key differentiator to GT end users. PSM provides targeted & flexible solutions aligned to these changing market needs, including:

  • FlameSheetTM: A retrofittable combustion system providing up to a 30% emissions compliant load range increase. With a 30% MWI variation allowance, FlameSheetTM offers superior fuel flexibility and is ideally suited for alternate fuel operation.
  • GTOP3.1 Performance Upgrade: A targeted scope performance upgrade providing increased output, reduced heat rate, and an operating interval extension option.
  • FlexSuite: A controls upgrade portfolio with options to reduce start-up NOx, improve fuel flexibility, and expand low & high end load range.

The session will feature detailed technology overviews and will highlight recent installation results.