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Environmental, Health and Safety Policy

Environmental, Health and Safety Management System

PSM is committed to applying and continuously improving its EHS Management System, to implement working practices which prevent any personal, material and environmental damage, based on the principles covered by the Standards ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 and in compliance with its Code of Ethics.

The scope of the PSM Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Management System includes all employees, contractors, and visitors at PSM owned, operated, or controlled facilities and sites involved in the design, engineering, manufacturing, reconditioning and supply of industrial gas turbine components and services.

Specifically the EHS Management System is applied to the following products, processes and services:

  • Technological development, design, manufacturing and reconditioning of gas turbine components
  • Spare parts supply, upgrades, repair, planned and unplanned maintenance and commissioning for gas turbines and shaft line equipment
  • Remote monitoring and diagnostics services, tunings, engineering assessments and services

Suppliers, contractors and outsourcers who are not working at PSM owned, operated, or controlled facilities or are not under PSM’s direct control are included in the scope of the EHS Management System only to the extent that PSM can reasonably influence the activities, products and processes through the supplier and process qualification processes as well as contractual requirements.

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