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Plant Assessment

The competitive power generation market drives power plant operators to increase output, improve heat rate and lower operational costs.  Enhancements and upgrades of the original design equipment are typically implemented to accomplish these goals. Consideration of the power plant as a system is critical when making decisions to invest in performance upgrades.

Equipment upgrades can have a significant impact on assets in the power plant, including gas turbines, steam turbines, generators, heat recovery steam generators, emission control systems and balance of plant equipment.  An integrated assessment of critical power plant components and systems provides:

  • Comparison between design and upgraded performance
  • Knowledge of equipment limitations and solutions
  • Guidance for operational improvements
  • Evaluation of emissions compliance and other regulatory concerns

Assessment Opportunities

PSM Upgrade Feasibility Study
Downstream effects of increased exhaust temperature / flow

Plant Performance / Operation Analysis
Optimize plant operations and efficiency

Upgrade Heat Balance Diagrams
How old is your plant?

Emissions Compliance / Review

The Plant Assessment enables our customers to make confident decisions.

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